Welcome To The Duluth Package Store

We Have Everything You Need To Make Your Holiday Or Any Special Occasion Just A Bit More Special.
We carry over 1,000 different wines, champagnes and ports as well as the largest selection of Vodkas, Bourbons Tequilas, Scotchs and Spirits in the area.
Come by and visit our Cigar Humidor.
Case discounts on Wine and Liquor
- Excellent Party Planning -


On a daily basis, there are discounts on various cases of wines and spirits.
Cases of wine, champagnes and ports are discounts at 10% per case.
Cases of Liquor are discounted at 5% per case.

In addition, there are always close out prices on different products.
Upwards to 50% off. These will be located near the entrance or the exit of the store.